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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning To Thoroughly, Yet Safely, Wash Roofs In Houston


Without professional roof cleaning in Houston, your roof might be dirty enough to see from outer space. Space City Washing is here to resolve that problem with our expert pressure washing, although soft washing is more accurate. We use safe but effective soft washing methods to thoroughly clean every square inch of your rooftop.

We also offer other essential services like gutter cleaning and more. Your roof is a vital part of your home and helps protect the structural integrity of your entire home. Take good care of your roof so it can take good care of your home and you.

Remember that roof cleaning is as much a part of a proper maintenance plan as inspections and repairs. We're here to help you get the cleaning and stay on track with a schedule that best serves your property.

Tip-Top Service From Rooftop Cleaning Experts

When you think of pressure washing in Houston, we hope you think of Space City Washing. But, did you realize that our menu of high-quality services also includes soft washing? There's a good chance you don't even know that roof cleaning should be taken care of with something less abrasive than standard power washing, even though you hire a pressure washer to do the work. We use a gentler approach; a no-pressure alternative called soft washing.

Why Is This better?

  • Gentler on fragile shingles
  • Still as thorough and effective for cleaning
  • Removes dirt and other contaminants
  • Won't cause water intrusion and resulting rot
  • Destroys algae molecularly, so it doesn't immediately grow back

Get in touch with our team of pros today to schedule your service appointment.

Beyond Curb Appeal: The Importance Of Roof Washing

It would be easy to assume a job like soft washing is just about appearances and then procrastinate. Unfortunately, the longer you delay scheduling a roof washing appointment, the more damage you could be causing. Roof cleaning is vital for several reasons, and it's not just about visual aesthetics.

  • Avoid frequent repairs
  • Extend the lifespan
  • Protect the warranty
  • Deter pest infestation
  • Remove corrosive residue

Taking good care of your home is an ongoing process, but luckily you have our team of exterior cleaning pros in your corner. Let us help you in the Houston area by taking care of jobs like roof cleaning.

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