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Top 3 Signs Your Houston Home Needs Professional Pressure Washing

Top 3 signs houston home needs pressure wash

Sometimes, homeowners don't need red flags to remind them it's time for pressure washing. You could be preparing to paint your home or list it for sale and want to maximize the asking price. Maybe you're hosting a big end-of-summer BBQ or want to have the family portrait taken with your home sweet home as the backdrop and need it to look picture perfect.

Unfortunately, without one of these primary motivators to act as a reminder, house washing can easily be neglected until your house looks more like the stuff of nightmares than dream homes. The best thing to do is get on a scheduled routine that prevents the buildup of unsightly grime. At the very least, keep an eye out for these warning signs that mean it's time to call in the pros for some power washing.

Be On The Lookout For These Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Cleaning

Scheduled power washing for your home is a great way to keep it looking its best and prevent resulting damage from substances like mold. However, if you accidentally procrastinate, here are the top 3 signs indicating it's time to stop putting things off and get proactive about cleaning.

  • Growing Green - If you're growing flowers or a garden, green growth is a good thing. If it's the sudden bloom of algae on your siding, that's a problem.
  • Stubborn Stains - Oil, rust, and other stains can seem to appear like magic out of nowhere. The problem is that the longer you let these spots linger, they are more likely to become permanent stains.
  • Slippery Surfaces - Sidewalks, driveways, and outdoor living spaces that develop moss, mold, algae, or spills that create a slippery surface aren't just an ugly nuisance; they're a recipe for disaster. Continue to ignore these areas, and you could end up with a slip-and-fall accident.

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